Edge Banding

The cut sheets are turned into semi-finished products by taping the edges according to the features required by the project.


Panel Sizing

The semi-finished product, which is cut to the dimensions required by the project and brought to the desired dimensions, is delivered to the customers as soon as possible.


CNC Processes

In addition to standard cuts, special shaped cuts are successfully made in our company thanks to our advanced technology machines.


Minifix Processes

Minifix application in high number and complex projects provides convenience in transportation and assembly due to modular production.


With our unchanging mission and vision for years, With our principles that carry us from the past to the present and embrace the future, With our understanding of quality, which we will never be surprised by, and which prioritizes customer satisfaction, With our business ethics that we adopt our customer as one of our business partners, We will continue to be your only route in the wood industry.

Why should you choose us?

Quality workmanship, customer satisfaction and honest trade understanding, which are the three basic principles we adopt during the production and sale phase of our products is a reference for us with the experience we have gained by signing hundreds of successful works.

Our Machine Park